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Primary school Čeperka, belongs to Pardubice county and represents a type of a small class country school. The school has all grads of lower primary school. Currently there are 86 pupils and 2 pupils are in so called home schooling.

There are 2 departments of a school club. The school capacity is 90 pupils and capacity of the school club is 50 pupils for two departments.


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Main teaching principles

  • We offer several types of teaching models (project, cooperative, topic, individual teaching)
  • We lead pupils to regular self-evaluation
  • We try to have individual approach to every child
  • We develop and lead pupils to a relationship to nature and respect for all living things
  • We lead pupils to mutual respect and tolerance
  • We connect theoretical teaching with practical life
  • We develop pupils´ independence, responsibility (curriculum planning, respecting established rules, accepting natural consequences for their actions)
  • We develop not just only knowledge and skills, but also abilities and attitudes

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